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We believe that the first step to ensure a successful career in real estate is to build a network comprised of competent and trustworthy individuals in the field. In addition to professionals with whom we work with, we also rely on relationships that we’ve built over the years with individuals and firms in our community. By maintaining comradery, we set the foundation for our clients in building a successful real estate network.

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Our hope is to help you diversify your portfolio to achieve higher returns and minimize risk on your investments regardless of the state of the market. We believe that in order to have a truly diversified portfolio, it takes a competent mentor to walk you through every factor from the location of the investment, the different real estate asset classes, up to managing each and every risk profile.


A mentor should have a clear understanding of your financial situation and goals. Unique Wealth Education knows the importance of protecting your assets in order to secure your wealth – and we’re here to deliver. We strive to help investors decide on the best means to finance their assets with a variety of options from cash versus hard money and mortgage loans. With the experience of our team of highly trained professionals, we have a deep working knowledge when negotiating with a wide range of real estate transactions. Our clients can look forward to the longevity of their financial security through the help of our mentorship programs that are crucial for your career growth.

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Mike Jordan Photo

Michael Jordan

Michael is the founder and President of Strategy Properties. Michael started his first company at the age of 19, while still a student athlete on a full scholarship to play basketball at the University of Detroit Mercy. Following two years of NCAA tournament play, Michael transferred to the University of Michigan to pursue a degree in Business Management. His natural-born passions in business have fueled his competitive drive to set high standards for himself and his companies.

Strategy Properties, Inc was formed in 2003 (under the name Jordan Ventures, Inc) with a primary focus on the construction of new homes throughout Wayne County. Michael’s vision further developed when he came across opportunities to invest in different segments of the real estate market. Michael began to take advantage of opportunities with lower calculated risks coupled with high returns, such as mortgage note purchasing and the sale of homes that his company renovated.

While in the process, Michael began to buy packages of properties in and around the City of Detroit, which he converted into economical, high quality homes. Due to an increase in demand for quality homes in Detroit, and the number of home buyers looking for residual income, Michael realized the tangibility of Detroit homes as secure investments. His continued investment into the city’s neighborhoods and building of a trusted team of colleagues led Strategy Properties to become a key provider of rental homes in Detroit and Southeast Michigan. Michael’s desires are to continue the development of investment homes and to evolve with the ever changing economy and housing market, into the renovation and construction of residential, multi family, senior housing and commercial projects.

Michael was born and raised in Livonia MI, and currently resides in Dearborn, with his beautiful wife, who works as a Medical Doctor at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan and their daughter. Michael hopes that through his business ventures, and the continued success of Strategy Properties, he will continue to grow through his non-profit organizations structured to service those in need.

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